What’s up? – Electric presentation of Volkswagen car #2


Our world is inevitably heading towards replacing traditional internal combustion engines with new, economical solutions in the form of electric motors, which will quietly and ecologically move us from A to B.

Recently, when it was still possible to organize exceptional events, we had the pleasure to create a presentation of such a car. The presented vehicle, apart from the fact that it was 100% electric, was also a delivery vehicle, which made it doubly unique.

The presentation took place in an amazing place which is the Castle in Gniew www.zamek-gniew.pl.
It was divided into several parts:

  • Welcome drink in a glass or rather a light bulb (because all the elements consistently referred to the electricity motive).
  • Event announcements and guests welcome.
    Sitting dinner.
  • Multimedia presentations and movies specially prepared for this event displayed on a 6m x 4m screen.
  • And the most important element – the presentation to the guests of the Volkswagen e-Crafter evening star, which was crowned with a carefully prepared scenario of the entire process of entering the car in the silence of the courtyard.
  • Band and DJ performances.
  • Acknowledgments and awards.
  • Fun in a royal edition in the courtyard of the Gniew castle.
  • The courtyard, facade and presented cars are highlighted with blue light. We have enriched the photo and video material with drone shots. Hostesses ladies were painted with external body painting, which clearly referred to the entire electrical convention of the event.


As part of the gadget, we thanked for the arrival guest of 200 unique and unique forests in a jar – and here we also referred to the topic of electricity, the jar was replaced with beautiful bulbs.


Thank you for your trust in the Volkswagen brand dealer: Samochody Dostawcze Volkswagen Plichta, https://dostawcze.plichta.com.pl/

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